“We simply can’t give up on our youth, without giving up on our future.”

Live Life Media Group is a global initiave created to embrace teens and young adults that have an interest in music, videos, theater, movies, TV, radio, podcasting, blogs and behind the scenes production.

They will be taught the fundamentals necessary to perfect their chosen area of study; they will be mentored by teachers who specialize in every aspect of media production, whether it’s in front or behind the cameras.

We at Live Life Media Group don’t believe in giving up.  We feel that with so much stacked against our youth, when given access to innovative programs that provide the support and guidance they need, young people can, will and more importantly want to succeed.

We believe that by tapping into their talents and encouraging self-confidence, accountability, planning and self-discipline they can achieve their dreams.  Live Life Media Group is here to assist them by introducing them to the world of the performing arts. LLMG has access to the most state-of-the-art technologies instrumental in the teaching of art, dance, music and video production.  These creative sciences are necessary to our communities and cultures.  Exposing our young people to the joy and beauty of these disciplines will nurture self-expression, creativity, community involvement and digital literacy. We want our youth unafraid to dream, dream, dream and to set new goals, big goals and aim for a future that could change their lives.

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